28 Nov 2012
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28 Nov 2012
- If a chicken has white earlobes, it will lay white eggs and if a chicken has red
  earlobes, it will lay brown eggs.

- The largest chicken egg weighed a 1lb and had 2 yolks.

- A headless chicken can run the length of a football field before dropping dead.

- The world record for the mos eggs laid in one day is 7.

- A mother turns her egg around 50 times a day to stop the yolk from sticking.

- A chickens heart beats about 300 times a minute, 4-5 times faster than a human!!

- A chicken can run about 9 miles an hour.

- The record for multiple egg yolks within one egg is 9.

- Chickens have different alarm clucks for different predators.

- The longest chicken flight was a distance of 301.5 feet and lasted 13 seconds.